Alternative Therapies As A Possible Treatment

For Premature Ejaculation

Hypnotherapy As Treatment

It seems very possible that hypnosis could cure premature ejaculation.

That's because a major factor in this dysfunction is being tense and over-aroused, both mentally and physically.

Anything that aids relaxation and promotes intimacy between the partners is certainly going to make a man more confident that he's in control of his sexual responses.

And since anxiety is one of the major causative factors of premature ejaculation, then hypnosis could certainly be helpful: it's a powerful technique for increasing one's level of relaxation, lowering one's level of arousal, and reducing that sense of anxiety.

An effective treatment program of self-hypnosis would not just focus on losing the urge to ejaculate.

Rather, it would include instructions about developing more more in control of your ejaculatory responses during intercourse; it would suggest you were gradually developing a greater and greater sense of confidence, control and relaxation during sex, and that you were becoming less tense and anxious, and that you were developing a sense of greater control over your sexual arousal.

I think it's well worth trying out, and I give a recommendation below about the preferred treatment program.

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Self-hypnosis As Treatment For PE - Does It Really Cure The Problem?

Self hypnosis can restore your confidence about your ability to perform by speaking to the part of your subconscious mind responsible for creating PE. 

Hypnotists claim self-hypnosis will remove fears, doubt, and anxiety about your performance and enable you to enjoy making love knowing that you are in command of your own feelings and bodily functions.

Your sexual difficulties can be resolved easily....or so the hypnotists claim. Well, I have tried this myself and found only that it made me more relaxed and confident.

It did not, in itself, cure my premature ejaculation.

If you want to try hypnosis as a cure for PE, I recommend the CD prepared by Victoria Gallagher. Find it here:  Self-hypnosis as a cure for PE.

It can provide you with a new habit pattern of relaxation and lowered anxiety. You'll approach sex with a new found confidence in your sexual ability, and because your anxiety is that much lower, you are much more likely to be able to stop premature ejaculation.

This is a treatment approach which I recommend since the calmness and greater confidence you develop while using the CD's have a beneficial effect in your life as a whole, not just around your sexuality.

Victoria also offers programs for all kinds of self-improvement and better sex. Have a look and see how you might benefit!

You can find information on self-hypnosis at Victoria's website. This is a treatment approach which we recommend since the calmness and greater confidence you develop while using the CD's have a beneficial effect in your life as a whole, not just around your sexuality.

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Herbal Potions As Treatment

I tried the products of two websites, and they did not help at all. You need a behavioral or CBT based premature ejaculation treatment.

The first website claims to offer a traditional Chinese medicine cure for premature ejaculation. I do know something about Chinese medicine, and I can see how the Chinese system would be able to treat the imbalances underlying sexual dysfunction.

If you don't know about the Chinese belief in energy flow and meridians, much of the website may sound like mumbo-jumbo.

However, I think the principles are correct. I don't know if Chinese medicine translates to a modern factory selling its products over the internet, but I think it's worth a try.

The second website looks good too. But - and it's a big but - it states that exercises don't cure premature ejaculation. That is incorrect.

They do: in fact, if you do them properly and with commitment, training exercises work better than anything else as a cure for premature ejaculation. So the credibility of the website is diminished by that statement.

The website does admit that "nothing works in isolation" - presumably including  the herbal pills sold by the website.

My advice is - try these if you want to cure your premature ejaculation, but don't expect a miracle solution. Use them in conjunction with a long term remedy - the effective sexual training methods described here.

How do pills work to prevent premature ejaculation? Here's what one website says: "MSPF™ contains 24 of the most powerful, all natural, pro-sexual ingredients that work in harmony to provide the most positive effect on a man's sexual performance.

The benefits of using MSPF™ are total control of your ejaculation, a rock hard erection, increased energy and stamina, and a faster recovery time after ejaculation." Yeah, right.

Premature ejaculation treatment with delaying cream, lotions and condoms

There are plenty of lotions available called "Delay Cream" or "Stud Delay" and so on, which will help you to make love for longer. They do help to prevent premature ejaculation - at least, in a way.

They work by desensitizing your penis with a mild solution of local anesthetic, so while you can thrust inside your partner for prolonged periods of time, you may find that you actually feel no sexual pleasure.

When I tried these creams and lotions, I chose the condoms with an anesthetic pre-applied (there are several makes available) but sadly I found my penis was so numb that I actually couldn't achieve  orgasm. 

You may think that would be an improvement over coming too soon, but it makes sex a joyless experience and it doesn't cure your premature ejaculation. Once you stop using the delay lotion, you're right back where you started: ejaculating far too soon.

While this will allow your partner to enjoy long-lasting vaginal thrusting, if you use the spray-on lotion, without protection of a condom, she may get an anesthetized vagina as well....then she doesn't feel anything either, so that's not such a good idea.

So if you want to try this treatment, use the condoms, so as to protect your partner's vagina. I don't recommend these lotions, however.

But suppose you want to have sex right now? Suppose you just met someone and it's going to be better if you can last a long time? The only way you're going to be able to do this is to desensitize your penis. 

You can use a condom with a delay cream inside - which is actually a local anesthetic - or a lotion you can apply to your penis before you have sex.

Both of these will desensitize the nerves of your penis and you will last longer than ever before. (Sometimes, you won't be able to come because your penis will be so unresponsive. Still, you will have an erection and you will be able to thrust for a long time. I know, I tried them.)

There are problems with this cure for premature ejaculation, though: you won't feel anything!

Sex will be a weird experience without any feeling in your penis. What's more, if you use the lotion that's applied directly to your penis without a condom, your partner will get a vagina full of anesthetic and she may lose all her sensation too. 

Therefore if you want to try this particular cure for PE, use either a condom with delay lotion built in, or apply the lotion to your penis and then use an ordinary condom to prevent the lotion from getting into you partner's vagina.

The right way to treat premature ejaculation

Since premature ejaculation is caused by your body having a quick-fire ejaculation reflex in response to sexual stimulation, you need to train your body to respond differently.

The best way to do this (some would say the only way) is to use the methods a sex therapist would use.

Basically, you learn how to slow down your body's response to sexual arousal, so that you can stay below the "point of no return" for as long as you want. The point of no return is the point at which you know you are going to ejaculate, regardless of what happens next - and it's a point you reach too soon when you have a PE habit.

When you have learned how to keep your arousal below the point of no return, you can enjoy sex for as long as you wish with no danger whatever of coming too soon.

When you choose to come, you thrust harder and faster, taking yourself over the point of no return - and you enjoy a massive orgasm! 

I believe there is only one program that works long term. I've looked at them all, and, believe me, there are some rip-offs out there. There are programs which are supposedly based on secret Eastern mystical traditions. Well, I can tell you, having bought them, that they are not based on anything of the kind.

Other programs are advertised as natural orgasm control, but when you buy them they turn out to be based on uncomfortable or painful methods of using your muscles to clamp down on ejaculation. For a review of the methods that work, click here. 

But if you just want a complete cure there is actually only one method I can recommend. You won't be surprised to hear it's the one that worked for me: a training program which slows down your sexual responses and allows you to overcome premature ejaculation easily. Here it is:

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(Frankly, this report is downright dangerous - for the woman in your life, that is!)

This free report, packed with emergency ejaculation control techniques, is so big that it needs a few moments to download!





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