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Here, you can discover how your sexual skills compare to other men in bed.

And find out how you can end rapid ejaculation right now (and get much better sex into the bargain)...

The quiz below will reveal how you stack up in bed compared to other men, and show you the easiest way for you to improve sex and last longer in bed. It's based on your sexual needs and preferences, and is backed by years of work with men who've cured PE using the techniques described on this website.

When you've answered all 12 questions you'll be transferred automatically to a page which reveals your score, how your performance compares to other men in bed, along with the best sexual techniques and ways to last longer in bed.

Or, if you already have good ejaculatory control compared to the average male sexual performance, you'll find some simple tips to last even longer in bed - and some great ideas to make sex even better!

Choose the answer that fits best for you for each of the 12 questions below, then click "Finish" when you're done, and you'll go automatically go to the page which explains how to make sex loads better for you, give you complete ejaculatory control and help you last much longer in bed...

Prepare to be surprised!

1 When you make love, how quickly do you ejaculate?
Within 2 minutes of entering your partner most of the time
After 5 minutes or so, so long as you're not really aroused before sex starts
You have complete ejaculatory control and decide when to ejaculate
You simply don't care how quickly or slowly you reach orgasm

2 When you're having sex, as a rule, how much warning do you have you're going to ejaculate?
Almost no warning at all - it just happens
You can stay below the "point of no return" for as long as you want until you actually decide to "go for it"
You know you're going to ejaculate well in advance, but can't really stop it
You feel your ejaculation coming a few seconds before you shoot your load

3 When your sex partner looks at you with those "come to bed" eyes, what tends to go through your mind?
You feel excited and thrilled about the prospect of sex with her
You know you'll have to find a way to give her an orgasm before you enter her and intercourse starts, because you'll come too soon for her pleasure
You feel anxious about not being able to satisfy her
You only think of getting off with her, and don't care whether you come too soon or whether she has an orgasm or not

4 When you want sex, which of the following is most true for you?
Sometimes you decide not to say anything about your wish for sex because you can't stand the thought of coming too soon yet again
You always feel confident about your abilities as a lover and know how to stay in control during sex
You start making excuses in advance in case things don't go well
You press on regardless, thinking that this time it might somehow be alright, and just hoping for the best

5 How do you usually feel after intercourse?
Disappointed you couldn't keep going longer
Totally satisfied with your performance in bed
You know that you need to improve, but you're not sure how to last longer in bed as a man
Confident, assured, like a great lover might feel

6 How do you most often feel about your relationship with your partner after you've had sex?
You feel relaxed and intimate, and enjoy the feeling of closeness
Things are tense and strained - it's a relief to get up and leave the bedroom or go to sleep
Your partner looks disappointed, maybe you try to console her
You wish you knew what it feels like to be a real man when you're with a woman

7 Overall, how would you rate yourself as a lover, where 0 is rubbish and 10 is the best possible?
0 - 2
3 - 5
6 - 8
9 - 10

8 Do you like long foreplay?
Yes - it's absolutely essential - most of the time!
No - you usually just want to get down to the action
Sort of - sometimes it's nice to play around for a while before you have intercourse

9 Are you anxious when you're with a new partner?
It takes a while to relax, yes time at all

10 Do you like to try out new sex positions?
Yes, definitely
No - you're quite happy with what you know and love

11 When your partner's very aroused, during intercourse, what happens most often?
She reaches orgasm as you thrust in her vagina
She gets to the edge, look like she's going to come, then you ejaculate, and that's the end of sex
She tells you to "go for it" or "enjoy yourself", regardless of whether or not she's had an orgasm
She reaches orgasm at the same time as you or just afterwards

12 Do you come more quickly than you want to?
Yes, doesn't everyone?
No. You're quite happy with sex the way it is
Depends how excited you are!

Now press finish to find out your score and see how to make sex better for you!



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