The Adonis Golden Ratio

If you're looking for a way to control your ejaculation during sex there are some unexpected ways that you might not have thought of to gain greater ejaculation control.

First amongst them, strangely enough, is adopting a weightlifting and bodybuilding routine, and also losing weight if you are obese or overweight.

Let me explain the logic of what's going on here: men who have a good body, that is reasonably muscular, and certainly attractive, without excess fat, have several advantages when it comes to making love to women.

First of these advantages is the fact that they feel better in themselves physically. They don't wheeze and pant when they exercise, and that includes making love, which, with an attractive woman, and complete ejaculation control on the part of the man, ought to be a "breathtaking" experience in every sense of the word!

And we talk about increasing "stamina" for a very good reason. Making love doesn't just depend on ejaculation control but it depends on physical fitness as well. Quick weight loss is essential for good health.

Now, the other reason closely tied into this is that when a man is fit and healthy, with a reasonably muscular body, a woman may well find  him much more attractive, and the likelihood is that she's going to be much more aroused during intercourse. For a man, there's nothing more exciting than making love to an aroused woman -- it enhances the experience in every way!

Picture: Before and after the Adonis Golden Ratio!

But there are more practical advantages to being fit and healthy as well: first and foremost of them is that if you have a lean muscular body, you're likely to have exercised muscles in every part of your body, including the pubococcygeal muscle (or PC Muscle), which is essential for ejaculation control.

Certainly women who do exercises that involve pelvic musculature report that they often achieve orgasm during exercise routines, and although that might not happen for a man, I'm quite certain that these exercises will tone the pubococcygeal muscle, and therefore give you the opportunity to use it in ejaculation control during lovemaking.

The final advantage of being fit and healthy is that your body is actually much more likely to sustain an erection if you're not fat, and if you're feeling fit and healthy. I hardly point out the advantages of that when making love for a long period of time!

So what exactly is the recommended route to achieving fitness? Well, I recommend the Adonis Golden Ratio, which is also known as the Adonis Index, because it's very practical program that has been built to use at home by just about any man who cares to get fit and take exercise.

It's not exactly a bodybuilding program, it's more of a building muscle training program, and it's part of the Adonis Index System by John Barban.

Now, you may be wondering what an Adonis Golden Ratio Body is, exactly!

Well, it's a body that conforms to the golden ratio proportions, which are legendary proportions studied by philosophers and scientists for millennia -- the principle is that when one part of a body is in a certain proportion to the whole of that body, it achieves its optimal aesthetic appearance.

We don't know need to know what proportions the Adonis index system actually specifies, because the muscle building program that is part of the Adonis index naturally takes you to the optimum proportions your particular body size and shape.

In addition, your nutritional program, which is also personalized to you, will allow you to eat a diet that ditches fat rapidly and offers an easy way of shedding excess pounds.

With the Adonis golden ratio, you get Adonis golden ratio workouts, a workout routine, a workout program, a training system, and the training program download. All of these things come free, courtesy of John Barban, author of the system. The obvious question, I suppose, is does it work? Will it produce all these benefits?

But the answer to that depends on your motivation, because, as we all know, losing weight depends on a number of factors, including your determination, your motivation, and your willingness to stick to the regime that is prescribed for you by the Adonis Golden Ratio. Only you can decide if you wish to see it through to the end.

One of the things that really helps in this particular system of bodybuilding and weight loss is the fact that you have the support of the Adonis community, which is composed of men who are going to help you achieve your six-week weight loss goals, your 12 week weight loss goals, perhaps help you with some fast weight loss programs, and certainly support you and advise you on the best weight loss foods and the best weight loss motivation.

You may have gathered by now that I'm rather a supporter of this program, and although it's an unexpected benefit that you'll enjoy better sexual performance and greater ejaculation control, I do know a number of men who have bought into Adonis and who tell me that the psychological impact of the program, let alone the physical impact, is more than enough to give them a significant boost in bed, much to the delight of their sexual partners!


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