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How Much Staying Power Do You Have?

You ejaculate more quickly than you (and your partner) desire, but the great news is that you can easily develop much greater control of your ejaculation.

A guide to interpreting your score:

  • 0 = no control (ejaculation occurs inside 2 - 3 minutes, and sometimes even before penetration)

  • 35 = average control (man lasts 10 to 15 minutes before ejaculation) 

  • 50 = complete control (man is able to choose when to ejaculate)

Maybe you're a very quick ejaculator, maybe you can last for a few minutes, but either way sex can be much, much better. Read on and I'll show you how you can...

Overcome Your Premature Ejaculation For Ever,
Last Longer During Sex,
Enjoy More Powerful Orgasms,
Fully Satisfy Your Partner In Bed,
And Enjoy A Much Better Relationship With Your Lover.

Yes, the system I've developed for curing premature ejaculation does all that - and more.

Absolute Ejaculation Mastery Is Within Your Grasp – and It's Easy too!

As you know, almost every man in the world experiences premature ejaculation from time to time. For some men it's a problem that occurs more or less every time they make love.

In fact, about half the men in the English speaking world ejaculate in less than two minutes after intercourse begins. As you can imagine, that produces a lot of dissatisfaction - even unhappiness - for men and women alike. Do you know that nagging feeling of .....yes, failure.... after you come too soon?

And yet, here's the extraordinary thing: no one needs to suffer premature ejaculation (PE). And that includes you.

There are plenty of treatments for PE which work really well, treatments that will stop premature ejaculation quickly, easily and permanently. And you can do all this at home, in privacy.

Since you're here, reading this website, which is all about how to make love last longer, I guess your intention is clear. You want to be a great lover, and you don't want it to be difficult.

You want to enjoy longer lasting sex and more powerful orgasms yourself, you want to give your partner big screaming orgasms, and maybe you even want to improve the quality of your relationship by giving her exactly what she wants in bed.

So my congratulations to you for being here, because you really don't have to put up with PE. And I'm going to prove it.

To start at the beginning, then. Ejaculating too soon is something that happens because you've never learned some simple techniques that give you total self-control in bed. I call these "secret" techniques because so few men know about them.

Yet, without knowing these "secrets", you may give up trying to control your sexual arousal, just "releasing" inside your partner when the urge to ejaculate overcomes you.

(By the way, if you want to cut to the chase, and see the program on ejaculation control I recommend without reading any more of this page, just click here.)

But would it surprise you to know that you can control your ejaculation easily, and that doing so will give you the power to make love for just as long as you wish, every time you have sex?

Now, I understand you may find this hard to believe right now, particularly if you've been experiencing premature ejaculation for many years. (And also if you've tried some of the so-called remedies out there.)

And yet, just imagine what sex will be like when you really do have the power to ejaculate when you want to, when you feel totally in control of what's happening during your lovemaking, when you can impress your partner with your skill as a will be so much more passionate, so much more exciting, so much more orgasmic!

Even the most uninterested woman comes alive when great sex is available, when her man gives off powerful sex vibes!

Because, you see, you really can overcome premature ejaculation using the techniques described in my program – specialist techniques developed by professional, experienced sexual therapists.

One of the reasons I can say this with 100% confidence is that I am a trained sexual therapist myself, and I've worked with hundreds, no.... more like thousands... of men over the years, both in person and over the internet.

In that time, every man who really wanted to become a longer lasting lover has been able to do so.

But listen to this... After I trained as a psychotherapist, many years ago, I got into the world of sex therapy. And the feedback I got from my male clients showed me I was doing good work. In fact, I knew I had some useful skills which helped men develop better relationships with women. In particular, I would often say: "When the sex is good, the relationship's good...."

But while I was telling men this, I felt like a hypocrite: for sure, my therapy skills didn't help me once I was in bed with my woman! The truth is, every time I made love to her I was shooting my load within a couple of minutes… 

And the sad thing is, that makes me embarrassed looking back, this went on for years. Why my partner put up with it I just don't know… After all, what woman wants to go to bed with a man only to feel him explode inside her just as she's beginning to get warmed up?

But I saw the light when a friend told me how his relationship improved after he'd discovered how to give his partner what she really wanted in bed....

So, tell me, do YOU know what a woman really wants in bed? What she really, really wants?

Here's the answer: Long lasting lovemaking where she feels cherished by her partner, where he shows her  she's the most important thing in his life.

And you know how NOT to do that? By ejaculating prematurely. The message a woman gets from that is dead simple (and it might be deadly to your relationship, too): he comes too soon, he doesn't care about me.... he just can't be bothered.... he doesn't love me....

Unfortunately, that's how women think. Result: less than perfect in every way. You know what I mean, I'm sure.

Show Her You Care About Her Sexual Pleasure: She'll Love You For It

So here was I, therapist extraordinaire, telling other men how to improve their relationships, while all the time I was neglecting the foundation stone of my own – good lovemaking.

To be honest, when I realized how bad I was in bed, it shook me to the core.

I knew I had to do something about it, not only for the sake of my own pride and confidence as a man, but also simply because I wanted to be the best lover I could be for my partner.

I wanted to give her the pleasure of great sex, in the way a powerful lover would do. Now, I believe I was very fortunate, because my partner never showed any sign of being so unhappy with our sex life that she wanted to end our relationship.

But I know this happens: I've talked to many men whose entire relationship was threatened because they just couldn't make love in the way their partner wanted.

As I say, that never happened to me, but what a transformation when I learned to control my ejaculation! I'd never have expected it… never in a million years.

And if you're wondering what happened, let me tell you. See, the thing is this. Having sex is very important to men, and any kind of ejaculation inside a woman feels good, but sex has a completely different meaning for women.

Good sex is one of the foundation stones of a great relationship for a woman. (That means sex where you can control your orgasm until your partner's satisfied - which may mean she has an orgasm, or maybe not. It's a mystery, but sometimes a woman just wants to feel the intimacy of long lasting lovemaking and doesn't care whether she climaxes or not.)

Sex like this shows her that you love her, or at least respect her. She knows you're prepared to take enough trouble to delay your own orgasm during sex, that you respect her enough to want to please her.

And that's absolutely key to having a good relationship, because when a woman thinks that her man respects her and cherishes her, and wants to give her great sex, her whole attitude changes.

She opens herself up to him, and she does this because she respects and trusts him. Until you've experienced the transformation in a woman's attitude that comes from good lovemaking with plenty of orgasms, you can't imagine just how different your relationship will be.

And What If You're Not In A Long Term Relationship?

Look, don't you want to end premature ejaculation, even if you're not in a relationship right now?

After all, how do you feel when you take a girl to bed and shoot your load inside of a few minutes? It's gruesome... yes?

I mean, I don't know how you feel when you come too soon, but plenty of men talking to me about how to avoid premature ejaculation have used words like inadequate, shamed, failure, miserable, embarrassed... you can fill in the rest yourself, perhaps.

So let's face facts: every man, in a relationship or not, wants to feel sexually confident.

There's nothing makes a man feel more powerful in every way, right down to the core of his being, than knowing that when he's in bed with a woman he can control the timing of his ejaculation.

A lot of the men I've spoken to about curing premature ejaculation have said to me, "But Rod, isn't it really difficult to get complete control of my ejaculation?" My answer is always the same. Absolutely not! In fact, it's EASY.

(Simply click here if you'd like to see my recommended program for getting greater control in bed RIGHT NOW!)

The reason men think it's a big deal to end PE is because when you're in the grip of PE, it's totally overwhelming. One minute you're making love, the next BAM! You're ejaculating long before you want to, and perhaps without any warning.... And even if you do get a warning that you're going to come – that doesn't help you control it.

I also know lots of my clients tried just about everything to stop premature ejaculation before they discovered the simple techniques which really work. You may even have tried some of these things yourself:

  • Hypnosis. Yes, I admit hypnosis does help you relax and, yes, it can reduce your anxiety about coming too soon. And since being anxious that you're going to ejaculate too soon actually makes you more likely to come quickly, that's bound to help a bit. But most men I've spoken to haven't really gained much control over rapid ejaculation by using hypnosis, though they tend to feel better about themselves after sex. I guess that's a good thing.

  • There are lots of pills and potions available on the Internet. But the thing is, most of these pills, potions and lotions are actually made up of unspecified ingredients in China, sold by unscrupulous merchants who want to make a quick buck from men with a PE problem and, believe it or not, they don't actually work. This is a modern version of the snake oil sold by Wild West salesman and I suggest you steer well clear. There just isn't any evidence whatsoever that these things work – and please don't be taken in by all the positive reviews on internet sites: those are mostly set up by the manufacturers and salesmen themselves. Where money is concerned, people lie. Even about curing premature ejaculation.  :-) Amazing, that, isn't it?

  • PC muscle techniques. You see a lot of information on the Internet about stopping ejaculation by tightening your PC muscle (that's the one you can use to stop your urine flow in midstream). But like an urban myth that just grows and grows, this nonsense has spread from a single website that originally described PC muscle "clamping" as a cure for PE - and it's a downright lie. However, the PC muscle does have a role to play in ejaculation control. Here's how: if your sexual arousal is, let's say, low to medium, you'll find that contracting your PC muscle makes your erection soften a bit and your arousal drop slightly. This gives you a breathing space to get things back under control. Basically, it stops your sexual arousal rising so quickly, and therefore extends the time it takes to reach your "point of ejaculatory inevitability" (that's your point of no return, where you're simply going to ejaculate, come what may). But trying to clamp your PC muscle down to stop yourself ejaculating just doesn't work because the ejaculatory reflex is just too strong – and it will ruin your orgasm. This is no kind of cure for premature ejaculation.

  • Anesthetic creams, sprays and lotions. These were very popular a few years ago, and you can still buy something called Indian god lotion and, I think, Chinese brush lotion. Their popularity has waned, and to be honest, I'm not surprised, because one man showed me a photo of his cock after he'd used this stuff - burned bright red, it was. Ouch! And men speak out on the internet in loads of reports, saying their penis has been seriously inflamed, irritated, or even burned by similar products. These unregulated products made in unregulated factories in faraway countries pose a serious risk to your health. Avoid at all costs! Even the Sybian for women is a better way of giving a woman sexual satisfaction than using these dangerous potions!

  • Condoms with delay gel in the lube. It's worth hearing what other men say about these, because I think they might help some men slow down in the sack...  you get a safe dose of anesthetic ointment, your penis is inside the condom, and you're not spreading the anesthetic gel into your partner's vagina. However, reviews of these products on the Internet suggest that some men lose all feeling and therefore don't actually get any pleasure from sex. You have to ask yourself, what's the point? Sex isn't just about lasting a long time, it's about enjoying what you're doing.

  • Cock rings. As you might expect, a tight ring that fits around the base of your erect penis can be quite uncomfortable. But cock rings do have the advantage that they stop your erection going down after you've ejaculated, so from that point you can carry on having sex… Provided of course that your glans isn't too sensitive after you've ejaculated. However, the constriction of the cock ring will seriously bruise your penis if you leave it on for more than a few minutes and it certainly spoils the pleasure of your orgasm.

  • And finally distraction. This "classic" sexual technique is supposed to help you avoid premature ejaculation by lowering your sexual arousal. The idea is to think about something unrelated to sex (baseball, math), or even something unpleasant or repulsive (your taxes, spiders, who knows what?). But again, what's the point? First of all this doesn't work, and anyway sex is about enjoying yourself with your partner. You know what? The best sex comes when you're fully engaged with your partner, not when you've taken your mind off the job to think about something unpleasant. This seems a little bit insulting to your partner.

Just How Do You Avoid PE?

Now, you might be wondering what does work as a way of avoiding premature ejaculation.

In fact, the only way you can avoid coming too soon is to "train" your body to respond more slowly to sexual stimulation so you stay below the "point of no return" (that's the point where you WILL ejaculate, no matter what) for as long as you want.

And there are ways of doing this! Easy, simple, quick ways of doing this.

Really, with the right techniques you can

  • slow down the rate at which your body responds to sexual stimulation

  • take much more stimulation without ejaculating

  • control the stimulation that triggers your ejaculation reflex.

Just think about that for a minute. When you can do all that, you really can choose when to ejaculate during sex.

What I've found over the years is that men who don't have premature ejaculation can't understand why it's such a big deal for other men to keep their ejaculation under control.

Equally, men who do have premature ejaculation can't for the life of them understand how it could even be possible to control the timing of your ejaculation.

So here's how it works. In the first place, if you can slow down the rate at which you respond to sexual stimulation, you'll be able to take more excitement, more stimulation, more foreplay, more intercourse even, before your arousal reaches the point at which you will ejaculate.

And second, if you also have the ability to stop your arousal increasing to the point where you  inevitably ejaculate, you can make love for as long as you want without ejaculating.

And third, when you decide to increase the stimulation you're getting, you can take yourself over the edge into orgasm whenever you choose to.... perhaps by speeding up your thrusts, or thrusting deeper, or talking dirty, or kissing your partner, or fondling her breasts, or holding her buttocks… whatever turns you on in fact…

There's nothing magical about choosing when to come.

In fact, I believe it's actually the natural way for men to make love.

Problem is, of course, no-one ever teaches us the techniques we need to control ejaculation, so we just muddle through during sex, and to make things worse we often train ourselves as adolescents to ejaculate quickly by masturbating as fast as possible.

So what I've got for you is a series of simple and easy "exercises" that you start on your own and later try out with a partner.

By exercises, I mean simple, powerful techniques you can use while you're enjoying sex. It's not like physical exercise in a gym!

(Click here to read about the PE control system I recommend that includes 15 emergency techniques you can use tonight to control ejaculation and last longer in bed RIGHT NOW!)

These exercises will train your body so that its response to sexual stimulation is lower and slower.

Now I don't want you to think this means you're going to enjoy sex less, because you're certainly not.

Indeed, when sex moves more slowly and you're not anxious about ejaculating too soon, you have a better opportunity to savor the sensations and pleasures, moment by moment.... in other words, sex actually becomes much more enjoyable!

And here's the biggest benefit: your partner gets the pleasure that she needs from your stimulation during longer lasting intercourse.

In fact, it's entirely possible she might even reach orgasm through your thrusting in her vagina alone.

And if you've never experienced a woman coming while you're having intercourse, I can tell you it's one of the most fabulous sexual experiences you'll ever enjoy.

Nothing, but nothing, is more exciting than to feel a woman orgasming while you're inside her. As her body throbs and pulsates around your penis, it will trigger your own orgasm, and the excitement and power of that is totally indescribable.....

So ejaculation control isn't just about satisfying your partner or giving her greater pleasure. It's actually about giving both of you much greater pleasure. And that's a tempting prospect isn't it?

Make Love Last As Long As You Want in Bed

Picture for a moment what it would be like to be able to make love to your partner for any length of time, for as long as you want, without ejaculating until you decide to do so.

Imagine what it would be like to have a truly satisfied, orgasmic partner.

Imagine what it would be like to have sex where you come together, or she comes first.

Then just think about the effect this will have on your relationship and the way she sees you. Hear her words praising, admiring and thanking you..... for being such a great lover.

Beautiful scene, isn't it?

Illustrated Techniques To Overcome Rapid Ejaculation

Now at this point, you may be thinking, "Well, I've tried all this, and it's never worked for me."

But the truth is you've never tried the right techniques. If you had, you'd be able to last as long as you want in bed already. Now's the time to get the techniques that WILL work for you.

I recommend a program called Staying Power. It's based on is based on the techniques used by professional sex therapists.

Good ejaculation control involves several lines of attack on the problem. My program covers them all. It's professional, comprehensive, and simple to use. Most of all, it's effective. Yes, it really works. Thank God for that: a PE control system that you can easily understand and genuinely works. But how.....?

  • First, you must have a really clear intention to overcome the problem, so we change your mental programming around sex (you'll rapidly come to see yourself as a powerful man, totally in control during lovemaking), and we give you total belief in the techniques that will actually work for you.

  • Second, you discover how to dispel the sexual energy when it builds too much. This involves breathing techniques and relaxation techniques that can take you to a new kind of "altered state" during sex, where you're primed to intensely enjoy every exquisite sensation and every moment of your lovemaking.

  • Third, you find out the right way to employ your PC muscles correctly & instinctively in the art of ejaculation control.

  • Fourth, you use simple, powerful exercises to train your body to respond to sexual arousal and stimulation in a completely different way than before.

  • Fifth, you use powerful techniques that increase your sexual confidence, so you feel relaxed in bed with a woman. To put it bluntly, you know you can make love like a real man, so instead of feeling anxious, you feel excited and confident.

  • Sixth, you have at your disposal 15 emergency techniques to use RIGHT NOW so there is no delay in starting your new sexual life - one which gives you complete ejaculation control.

  • Seventh, you learn loads of new sexual positions and techniques so that the excitement builds and builds and the novelty never wears short, sex is exciting, not boring.

  • Just to be clear, this is not about the squeeze technique, of which you may have heard. That's about squeezing your penis just below the head every time you get near ejaculation. I ask you, who the heck wants to stop making love to have their penis painfully squeezed? (And by the way, results show that after a few months the benefits of this technique are lost. It's not a permanent cure, in other words.)

In addition to the things that I've already mentioned, with Staying Power you get a whole series of sexual techniques which allow you to know, instinctively, how close you are to the point of ejaculation.

That means you can always adjust what you're doing to delay your orgasm.

So, for instance, if you get first inklings of ejaculation coming over the horizon, you can apply the breathing techniques, the PC muscle techniques, and the arousal reduction techniques described in the program to bring yourself back to the point at which you can safely continue having sex without any danger of ejaculating.

Now this may sound a little bit daunting, but the exercises are really very simple...after a while, they become second nature. And in fact, to make them even simpler to use, every single step you have to take to develop total ejaculation control is described and illustrated in crystal clear detail.

Sensational Sex Is Yours for the Taking

And when you do all this, what's the outcome?

You'll be supremely confident about your own sexual abilities, how desirable you are, how good you are as a lover, and how relaxed and confident about sex you are.

In short, you will be a masculine, confident, sexually mature man. In fact, you'll be the kind of lover that women adore... the kind of man any woman would be pleased to have in her bed.

And not only that, but your new-found ejaculation control also means that you and your partner can share a much greater level of sexual pleasure.

Like I said, you might feel her vagina pulsating around you as she orgasms, whilst you still have control. You might want to go for simultaneous orgasm.

But whatever your experience, it can be so much of an improvement on the way sex is at the moment, where you struggle for control, can't maintain it, and come too soon to really give either of you as much pleasure as you deserve.

When you have supreme ejaculatory control, when you can continue thrusting inside your partner for 10, maybe 15, maybe 20 minutes, sex is a completely different thing. Much more satisfying. Much more pleasurable. It's just different in every way. It's sex, the way sex should be.

I've seen hundreds, thousands of men, get perfect ejaculatory control and massively improve the length of time for which they can make love before they ejaculate: it's not unusual for a man using these techniques to see a 10 or even 20 times improvement in the length of lovemaking he enjoys.

Imagine that! From 2 minutes to 20! From 3 minutes to 30! ex which lasts just as long as YOU WANT!

The #1-Rated System To Beat Premature Ejaculation!

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